Easy Wood Working Projects for Children

Easy Wood Working Projects for Children

If your child is showing interest in wood working, I have some great simple projects they can make. Items made by hand make great gifts for parents and grandparents. If you’re worried about being your child’s first teacher when it comes to wood working, take them to the Teds woodworking projects. Home depot has several classes they hold for children.

The first project that is very simple for children to do is a key holder. These are easy because it is just one piece of wood. You can make it in any shape you want. You can either leave the edges straight cut and just sand them down or you can teach your child how to use a router and help them route the edge. Pre-drill holes for the key holder hooks and then screw them in. Teach your child the importance of pre-drilling the holes. Cut a notch in the back to hang on a nail on the wall or simply screw in a picture holder hook on the back. Stain and paint to compliment your décor.

Another easy project for children to do are Christmas ornaments. You can use large cookie cutters to draw a pattern on the wood before you cut it out or draw your own. Drill a hole all the way through the top for yarn so you can hang it on the tree. You can teach your child wood burning with this project and burn a picture in the wood on the ornament. You can also keep it simple and maybe add a picture of the child to the middle with glue.

Bird houses are also great to make. A simple bird house only requires a large soup can, a couple of old cedar fence boards and some screws. Cut the recycled fence boards to the same length as the can when it is laying on it’s side. You will need 4 pieces this length. Next cut 2 end pieces out that are shaped like a pentagon. In one of the pentagon pieces cut a hole at least 2 inches in diameter. Screw 2 sides to the pentagon pieces. Screw the remaining two pieces to the top of the pentagon pieces creating the roof. Now glue the can into the “house” making sure that the roof and sides are touching the can to create a good hold.

You can also make a very simple letter holder. Cut one piece 12 inches by 3 inches. Cut one piece 12 inches by 5 inches. Cut two pieces 2 inches by 5 inches and angle cut one end of each of those pieces. Cut one piece 12 inches by 3 inches. Cut one piece 2 inches by 12 inches. Glue and screw the two 2 inches by 5 inch pieces to the edges of the 12 inch by 5 inch piece. Glue and screw the 12 inch by 2 inch piece to the bottom. Glue and screw the 12 inch by 3 inch to the 3 pieces you just glued and screwed creating a “pocket”. Install 2 hinges to the top of the 12 inch by 5 inch piece and attach the remaining 12 inch by 3 inch piece creating the top flap where you will insert the mail.

A simple project that your child can use would be their very own tool box or jewelry box. This is just a simple box with a hinged lid that they can keep their tools, toys or jewelry in.


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